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What Makes This Website Different

Where can consumers turn for unbiased information about the quality of care provided by the thousands of doctors, hospitals, and long-term care providers in California?

Free and easy-to-use, CalQualityCare.org features information on California hospitals, nursing homes, and other long-term care facilities, along with tips and checklists about how to choose a health care provider, questions to ask, how to pay for care, and what to do if something goes wrong.

Better information enables smarter choices when making medical decisions. Publicly available information about health care quality — and consumers eager to consider quality in their medical decisions — will improve the health care system.

Because CalQualityCare.org is not commercial, users can be assured:

  • The site is always free to use and offers fully open access
  • The information is objective and unbiased
  • Users are not required to register or provide any contact information
  • Users will not be hounded by aggressive emails and phone calls
  • Users won’t see advertising or promotion of one provider over others

Who Is Behind This Website

CalQualityCare.org is managed by the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF), a nonprofit philanthropy dedicated to improving quality, increasing efficiency, and lowering the costs of health care in California. CHCF and this website are not affiliated with the medical industry nor any individual facility or agency.

To produce the information on this website, CHCF partners with these respected entities:

For details on the roles each partner plays, see the Data Sources & Ratings pages.

CalQualityCare History

Public information about health care quality is hard to come by, sometimes not objective, and often difficult to understand.

Early on the California Health Care Foundation saw an overwhelming need to make such information available and recognized that providing the information online is the most effective path.

  • In 2002, CHCF first began publishing ratings of nursing homes online at the site "California Nursing Home Search" (CalNHS.org). In December 2004, we added similar profiles and ratings of home health care agencies and hospice services. And in September 2005 the site was expanded to include congregate living health facilities, assisted living, continuing care retirement communities, adult day health care programs, and adult day care centers.
  • Around that time, CHCF also embarked on a new effort to report on the quality of care in California hospitals; however, not much data existed. So hospitals and insurers agreed to voluntarily start collecting key data on medical outcomes. In 2007, CHCF began aggregating the new data with existing sources and launched CalHospitalCompare.org to provide performance report cards for participating hospitals.
  • In 2009, CHCF launched CalQualityCare.org, upgrading and updating the California Nursing Home Search site based on in-depth research conducted among key audiences, including consumers and long term care providers.
  • In 2014, CHCF combined all these resources into one unified place — at CalQualityCare.org. While there are other existing resources available to help consumers, none offers the ease of use and clarity of information as CalQualityCare.org, all in one place.

The California Health Care Foundation will continue updating and adding health care quality data and ratings to CalQualityCare.org as new information becomes available.

The site does not give performance ratings for assisted living, congregate living health facilities, continuing care retirement communities, adult day health care, or adult day care because these providers are subject to different standards that do not allow for collecting similar performance data. As data on these facilities become available, ratings will be assigned to those providers.

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